Career Coaching, CVs & Interview Preparation

Whether you are a School-leaver, Graduate or preparing to strike out in a new direction; making the right choices, preparing a compelling CV and being ready to make a positive impact in an interview are all areas in2minds specialises in.

I have extensive experience both as a recruiter and in helping people who are moving onto the next phase in building their career.

Using coaching techniques I can help School-leavers, Graduates and people who have already begun their working lives to identify motivations, preferences and options for their next steps.

Together we can produce a CV that attracts the attention of potential employers or other relevant organisations (such as Further and Higher Education establishments), ensuring your skills & experiences are presented in a compelling way.

The CV is just part of what you'll need though, and I have years of experience in both interviewing and preparing people for interview. Working together we can maximise the positive impact you create when you take part in interviews. With a focus on both the content of the answers you give and the confidence with which you deliver them, you will find yourself leaving your interviewer with the most positive impression possible.



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