Skills Development And Facilitation

At in2minds I offer both bespoke and ready developed learning solutions with a focus on practical change and results.

I have expertise in designing and delivering training solutions in a range of areas including:

In addition I have expertise in facilitating meetings, discussions and team days.

Perhaps you need an injection of new ideas and challenge in your meetings; maybe there are strong characters who always 'hog the show'; maybe it's easier for an 'outsider' to ask the difficult questions, maybe you need a skilled facilitator to draw out good ideas from more reserved colleagues.

There are many situations where my facilitation skills can help, and my flexible approach will make sure everyone feels they've had the chance to contribute to the debate.

My input doesn't have to begin and end with one meeting or event however. I can work alongside the Board, Management team or client/functional team over a period of time to facilitate the development of strategies, smooth implementation of projects or effective introduction of change.

A couple of example event designs and facilitation projects I’ve delivered recently are available at the links below.

Click here for Case Studies



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